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Many websites have generally talked about reading all the instructions before installing any application on your phone about it. As everyone knows when you want to install an app or game, the latter will show you a set of permissions that the app will access and sometimes be surprised at some applications that Request permissions that have nothing to do with its task eg application to add effects to images asking for audio or your location access!

Of course, this will make you think if this application is a trick or something like that and you may not install it but not anymore because the APK Permission Remover will solve this problem and will give you the ability to listen to certain permissions and cancel other permissions

All you have to do is download the application from the link below this post after installing it and accessing it. Choose the application you suspect to show you a screen with all the permissions that the application will reach. Simply cancel the application and leave the item

here//:To download the app from Google Play
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